A Community Meal is provided by area churches and served by volunteers on Tuesday mornings and is preceded by a time of worship, teaching and prayer.

Lawrence County is comprised of 90,000+ residents. 11% of them are living below the poverty level. (That’s almost 10,000 residents!) This means that their income does not provide for their most basic needs.

The Lord mandates in Matthew 25:31-46 that His Body is to help meet the needs of those who are not able to do so on their own.

Clothing & Merchandise Sorter
​Needs to be able to lift and move boxes & sort incoming donations. Setup and tear down tables. Able to help more during heavy donation seasons (Spring & Fall).

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Why We Do It

Matthew 25 : 31 - 46

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With the help of our volunteers, we want to share the love of the Father, through food, household items and fellowship, with as many people as we encounter. Also help lead them to a personal relationship with Him and can help them connect with area churches.

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